5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

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5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

TMO 3 Towers

About Project

Client: Carillion Energy Services

Value: £750,000

Overview: Ecopod is a packaged optimised energy and controls system for multi-tenant buildings which provides highly efficient, safe and controllable heating and hot water for the tenants.

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More Info

The performance on this project has led to us joining a 10 year framework with Carillion on BES works.

The main works on this project was to supply heating to 120 flats with HIUs and radiators. We had to use bespoke boxing on the communal pipework and Proprietary Talon covering of the flat install pipework.

Project at a glance

• Ecopod Boiler System
• Gas Absorption Unit
• Distribution Pipework Systems
• Heat Interface Units
• Electrical Supplies
• Control System to link flats with billing platform
• Specialist Interaction of Control Systems