5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

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5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

Norton House

About Project

Client: Higgins Construction – Community Trust Housing 

Value: £500,000

Overview: The contract consisted of the refurbishment of a central boiler plant at the bottom of Norton House into an efficient Energy Centre.

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More Info

When burning these wood pellets ( a renewable energy source) the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released into the atmosphere is the same amount of CO2 that a tree would release when it dies and decomposes naturally. Therefore if the fuel is from a sustainable source it will not increase the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, there by achieving a carbon neutral position.

The new Energy Centre provides Norton House with efficient heating directly from three gas fired Broag boilers, whilst the CHP (combined heat & power plant) and Biomass boilers work together to provide the district mains heating systems. Other equipment included; pressurisation units, air/dirt separators, plate heat exchanger and four sets of twin circulation pumps.

Project at a glance

• Energy Centre
• (CHP) Combined Heat & Power
• Heating
• District Mains System
• BMS Controls
• Lighting & Power
• Biomass Boilers
• Ducting Works
• Energy Saving Measures