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5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

Kelvedon House

About Project

Client: London Borough of Lambeth (Lambeth Living)

Value: £700,000

Overview: Kelvedon House was built originally with warm air units which needed to be removed from all of the 83 apartments prior to the fitting of the new wet systems, which consisted of radiators and a plate heat exchanger unit. 

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More Info

The new primaries, although installed by others two years earlier, hadn’t been in use prior to Parker Bromley starting the project. This meant before any of the plate exchangers could be connected to these primaries they had to be cleaned, flushed and pressure tested.

Prior to any works commencing each apartment was surveyed and the day to day program of works (including the position and radiator sizes etc) were discussed and agreed with the residents.

Project at a glance

• 83 Apartments & Concierge Unit
• Warm Air Removal
• Property Surveying
• Heating & Hot Water
• Electrical Works
• Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
• Kitchen & Bathroom Ventialtion