5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

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5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

Cannon Wharf

About Project

Client: E.ON

Value: £1.1M

Overview: The partnership with E.On started with our ability to quickly and efficiently turn around their Fulham Wharf Energy Centre. Cannon Wharf was then awarded to us so we could continue on our high standard of work with their new venture.

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More Info

The installation of a combined heat and power unit ensures efficiency due to its low energy technology. This allows residents to receive even lower prices than E.on Community Energy usually provide.

We installed an energy saving building management system which runs the plant. It delivers plant syncing and fault reporting and also tracks energy usage for the development.

Project at a glance

• Servicing over 700 Dwellings
• 1 Thermal Store
• Heating
• Building Management System
• Ventilation
• Central Plant Room
• Remote Reporting & Management
• 16 Week Fast Track Program
• Billing Management
• Exemplar Project
• 7 MW of Plant