5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

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5 Powerscroft Rd,

Sidcup DA14 5DT

Biggin Hill Leisure Centre

About Project

Client: ISG Jackson

Value: £990,000

Overview: We replaced the existing Heating and Domestic hot water service plant to service plant to serve the existing site requirements over 8 blocks. 

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At the buildings topping out ceremony Parker Bromley’s team were delighted to receive special recognition from the Executive Councillor (Renewal & Recreation) and the Deputy Mayor for all their hard work and dedication on the project. The projects success will pave the way for comparable projects in the London Borough of Bromley and provide a pilot for the rest of the country. Installation also consisted of energy saving plant in the form of Dachs Combined Heating & Power Unit (CHP); The CHP Unit works on the principle of the combined heat and power generation. An internal combustion engine drives a generator which, in turn, produces electrical energy. Approximately 90% of the heat that is produced by the engine and generator during this process is recovered and is fed directly into the building’s centrailised heating and hot water system. The excess electrical energy is fed directly back into the national grid.

Project at a glance

• LV Sub-Mains Distribution
• CCTV System powered across buildings IP Network
• Fire Alarm Detection System
• Disabled Refuge/Pool Panic
• Alarm System
• Full internal and external lighting design scheme
• Traffic Control System
• Pool & Library Ventilation
• Mechanical heating plant
• Combined Heating & Power (CHP)
• Local Air Conditioning
• Under floor heating system to Changing Village